Adam Seelinger

Adam Seelinger
1830 - 1908
Son of Jacob and Eva Seelinger

Adam Seelinger was born in town of Lampertheim in Germany on May 5, 1830.  He was the son of Jacob and Eva Wegerle Seelinger. His parents never came to America. At the age of 22, he came to America and settled first in Chicago, Illinois.

He soon moved to Chillicothe, Ohio where he married Franciska Maurer on November 22, 1853. Franciska was the daughter of Johann Adam and Maria Apolinia Zimmerman Maurer of Ramsen, BaiemGermany. She was born on February 8, 1829 and came to America in 1851 when she was 22 years old..

Adam and Franciska’s first child was born in Chillicothe, Ohio on January 31, 1855.  He was named Jacob after Adam’s father. A second son, Adam, arrived on March 12, 1857.

Adam became a naturalized citizen on December 9, 1858 in Chillicothe, in Ross County, Ohio.  He renounced his allegiance to the Grand Duke of Hesse Darmstadt. His papers of permission to leave Germany described Adam at six feet seven inches tall with blond hair.  He had a high forehead, black eyes and brows. He had a wide mouth and wore a beard.  His stature was described as square and stocky.

The first child born to this new citizen, was their third son, John. He was born March 19, 1859.  William was the fourth son, born on April 24, 1861. Their fifth son, Albert, born in 1863, died in infancy.

The family moved to Illinois and a sixth son, Gustavus was born October 31, 1864.  Their last son, Frank was born August 30, 1866 in Colchester, Illinois.

In 1870 the family moved to Bates County, Missouri and settled on a farm near Prairie City, Missouri.

Adam died of “disease incident to old age”, September 18, 1908 in El Dorado Springs (Cedar County) Missouri. He was buried in Prairie City Cemetery, Prairie City (Bates County) Missouri.  His will was filed March 13, 1909 in Butler (Bates County), Missouri.

Franciska died May 29, 1909 in El Dorado Springs (Cedar County), Missouri. She was buried next to Adam in Prairie City Cemetery. 

The Seelinger Family


Back Row – L-R:Adam, William, John, Frank, Gustavus
Front Row – L-R: Jacob, Franciska, Adam

Photograph Taken
Bates County Record – February 7, 1891

A pleasant event was the family reunion at the residence of Adam Seelinger on North Havana Street (Butler), Monday last. The occasion was celebrated by having a photograph of the family. Mr. and Mrs. Seelinger and their six sons were taken in a group.  C. Hagedorn doing the work.

The sons, in order of their age are Jacob, Adam, John, William, Gustavus and Frank. All are married except William.  They reside, Jacob in Hudson Twp, Adam, Gustavus and Frank in Prairie and John and William in Summit Twp and they are all among Bates County’s most substantial and esteemed citizens. A splendid dinner was spread upon the parental board and a joyous time was had by all.


Permission to Leave
Adam Seelinger
August 3, 1852

Personal Description:  born in the year 1830, height 6 feet 7 inches, hair blond, forehead high, eyes black, brows same, nose stump, mouth wide, beard, chin broad, face color fresh, stature square and stocky, no special marks.

Certificate of Home

The undersigned Mayor herewith certifys for the Adam Seelinger below described, who will go to America to find work there, that he lived in the community of Lampertheim and has the right of home (meaning citizenship) and can return, with out hinderance anytime thereto, provided that neither by law of agreement another place granted right of Home to him.

The time of this certificate is indefinite.

                  Issued this 3rd day of August, 1852
                  The Hessonian Grand Duke Mayor
                  Stamp and signature.

Seal of the Grand Duchy of Hessonia
Stamp paper 6 Kr. Number 4


Adam Seelinger
December 9, 1858
Ross County, Ohio

I, Amaziah Hanson, clerk of the Common Pleas, Ross County, Ohio and do certify that at a Court held in Chillicothe in and for the County aforesaid, on the 9th day of December in the aforesaid County on the 9th day of December in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Eight present eh Honorable Alfred S. Dickey, Judge of the said Court, Adam Seelinger, having made it appears to the satisfaction of the said Court that he has complied with the Laws of Congress, in such case made and provided for, and that he is a man of moral character and attached to the Constitution of the United States of America, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same,  and having declared on Oath that he will support the Constitution of the United States:  That he has entirely renounced and abjured all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and particularly the Grand Duke of Hesse Darmstadt, of the same whom he was lately a subject. Therefore the said Adam Seelinger was naturalized and received and recorded a Citizen of the United States. 

A_Seelinger_1We have married in the year 1853 on November 22.

In the year 1855 my son Jacob was born January 31.

In the year 1857 my son Adam was born March 12.

In the year 1859 on March 19 my son Johannes was born.

Franciska Maurer was born in Ramsen on 9th day of February, 1829, Kanton (district) Gallheim in the Pfals.

My parents were Jacob and Eva (Wegerle) Seelinger.


Photo Album

Chillicothe, Ohio where Adam and Franciska were married and their sons – Jacob, Adam, John,  William and Albert were born.

A_Seel_ChilliEngraving of Chillicothe, Ohio printed in color with the caption "Chillicothe, from the hill west. Beneath is shown the principal part of the town; on the left, the Scioto River, beyond which Mount Logan is seen rising to the height of nearly 600 feet."

Drawn by Henry Howe in 1846.





The Chillicothe Courthouse which was built in 1801.  This is where Adam became a naturalized American citizen in 1858.







A horse-drawn streetcar outside the Chillicothe Street Railroad Company, Chillicothe, Ohio, ca. 1840-1849.






The family settled in Prairie township, Bates County, Missouri near the towns of Rockville and Prairie City.



The family would have done most of their shopping in the early days in the town of Rockville.













Adam and Francis rest together in
Prairie City Cemetery,




    Adam Seelinger


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