Chidley_DunlapWe have been collecting every bit of information on people, places, activities and events in Bates County.  We have scanned thousands of photographs, private files, directories, history books, newspaper articles and more.  Each person has been cross referenced.

Many of these people now rest in cemeteries across Bates County. Their names are listed on the Bates County Cemeteries page. We also have information on many other people that cannot be directly attributed to an individual in a cemetery.  These people may have just passed through Bates

Chidley Dunlap
Butler High School 1929

County, their obituaries donít give a cemetery and their grave is unmarked, their name may match several other individuals.  They may still be a link to your missing relative and you can access our master list by clicking on the alphabet buttons below.

Kienberger_FamThe staff of Poplar Heights Farm and many generous volunteers bring you these records. Eventually, with the help of enough volunteers we hope to be able to post all of this data directly on our website. For now, please email us for more information on the individuals listed in this index.

Information presented here has been gathered by many from many sources and cross-checked for accuracy.  Still, errors are always possible. Please let us know if you find an item that needs correcting. If you have additional information you wish to share, we will gladly add it to our files.


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