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Broadening Your Herbal Horizons

The Poplar Heights Living History Farm is excited to announce receipt of a grant from the Herb Society of America to expand our current herb program to introduce an expanded awareness of herbs, their historical usage and their value today.


With this grant we have already doubled the size of our herb gardens and completed a permanent kitchen garden adjacent to the Summer Kitchen. At our Young Ladies Victorian Tea Party, guests sampled canapés seasoned with herbs from the gardens and sipped herbal teas. At our Living History Summer Festival (June 8 & 9), our Missouri Master Gardener will discuss herbs, their cultivation, uses and preservation.

In our Eating From the Garden programs, children will learn healthy eating from the University of Missouri Extension office's nutritionist, grow, harvest and use herbs in food they prepare and prepare herbs for preservation, use in herbal oils and vinegars and tisanes.  At our summer children's day camps, participants will sample herbs from our heritage gardens and learn how different herbs affect the taste of foods they eat.

As part of our annual food event, "Taste-The Flavors of Yesterday" (September 7), we will have classes for older children and adults in producing herbal oils and vinegars, preserving home grown herbs and uses for herbs in the home.  Visitors to taste will sample foods seasoned with herbs from our heritage gardens and take home recipe cards.  Also, our Eating From the Garden participants will have a special booth at Taste to showcase what they have learned during the summer.

MarjoramEach month we will feature a different herb with a downloadable coloring information sheet and recipe card. Those coloring sheets and cards will be available also to visitors to Poplar Heights Farm. Click the picture for this month's herb - Marjoram.

We encourage you to visit the Herb Society of America at and explore the interesting world of herbs.  There really are so many interesting, tasty and helpful herbs out there that soon you will move Beyond Parsley and never look back.

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