Prairie Trails

Prairie Trails

The Prairie Trails system at Poplar Heights Living History Farm is a walking, running, biking, riding adventure. Here you are not just walking for physical fitness, you're living with nature.

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Trails_Flowers-1For over 8,000 years this land was unchanged at the eastern edge of the great tall grass prairie that stretches west to the Rocky Mountains. With John Deere's invention of the steel plow, the prairie was quickly plowed under leaving less than 1% surviving. A small section adjoins the Daisy's Creek Trail.

Trails_SnakeAs you walk our trails, you'll see a wide variety of wildlife as we are a Nature Conservancy and here they are protected. Wildflowers grow in abundance. You'll walk along hedge rows planted just after the Civil War by pioneers and at the edges of currently farmed fields.

Trailss_TreesBe sure to ask for a copy of the Prairie Trails Guide Book. This booklet gives you a bit of information about things you will encounter on your journeys. Numbered trail markers give more specific details about plants and animals you will likely see. Please check with the office for additional materials on plants and wildlife you can take with you. A Scavenger Hunt sheet is also available for children hikers.

Trails_Flowers-2Enjoy your trip, short or long, and please, leave nothing behind nor take anything from the trails.  Trash bags are available at no charge.

Warning: Cell phone coverage is spotty at best on parts of these trails. Please check in with the Office before going on one of the longer trails and check in when you return.  You don't want to spend the night with the coyotes if you get lost or hurt.


More to Come
(with a little help)

We are applying for a grant from Missouri Division of Natural Resources for a Recreational Trails Program. We want to add an additional trail that would tie to the Heron Pond Trail and the Daisy's Creek Trail. This trail would be different as it would go along Willow Branch creek and through the light woods surround the creek.  It will offer two crossings - a low water crossing with handrails near the creeks headwaters and a pedestrian bridge farther downstream. There would be picnic tables places at the designated rest stops along the trails.

We are also asking for funds to help construct bathrooms at the Trailhead. Won't that be great! No icky porta potties! 

If you would like more information on this grant application or would like to comment on our project, please click here to email us

The application deadline is April 22 so all comments should arrive before that date.


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